Pure plant wisdom

Interested in learning more about essential oils? You've come to the right place. I have been benefiting from nature's gifts in the oil form for about five years now. I was first introduced to oils within the yoga community, it was kind of "the thing." Little did I know how important quality and potency mattered until I was introduced to doTERRA, the leading essential oil company in the world.

Here's the thing, essential oils are not regulated which means we must be selective in which essential oils we are using with ourselves and our loved ones. This proved itself to me as I was noticing significant shifts happening within my own health. I noticed that lavender oil is not only meant to smell calming, it is actually meant to be calming. Peppermint oil is not meant to only smell energizing, it is actually meant to be energizing. Lemon oil is not only meant to smell cleansing, it is meant to be cleansing. You see, it's more than pretty scents. It's healing wisdom that has been around way longer than any of us. 

Over the years, I developed a deep respect for these oils. I started using them for everything. I spent hours researching and making up roller bottles and blends, it was so fun. Overtime, I started sharing these oils with people organically. I starting using them in my yoga classes, offering custom blends to friends and family, I was sending people to doTERRA's website to purchase their own collections.


Eventually, I was presented with the opportunity to create my own dōTERRA business and make a living out of one of my passions. Not only that, but I was able to connect the oils to my already existing passions. 

Why doTERRA?

doTERRA is the largest essential oil + wellness company in the world with over 8 million customers. Here's why:

The Co-Impact Sourcing Model

doTERRA sources their oils in a very unique way. A way that is both incredibly expensive and time consuming...but correct. It's a practice that requires a great amount of integrity, so we can trust what is in each bottle.


Each oil is harvested and distilled from where it thrives.


This not only allows a higher quality of oil, but it also ensures that farmers globally are being compensated for their skills, stimulating the economy. Otherwise, farmers are typically robbed of their potential by middle men and brokers.

Purity & Potency

The FDA does not regulate the essential oil industry, meaning in order for an "essential oil" to be deemed as "organic" or "100% pure" it only has to contain 10% of the oil in the bottle. The rest? Toxic chemicals, fillers, gasoline...you name it. Not to mention, that 10% of oil does not have to be ethically harvested.


I know this is hard to believe, why would this be the case? Well, first off...money. The essential oil industry has a lot of potential, businesses know this. Which is why you are probably starting to see essential oils everywhere nowadays. Secondly, it's easier to fake it. It is HARD to cultivate global relationships in order to source these oils the right way. Luckily, doTERRA has done incredible work in getting heads turning towards a new way. I along with millions of others would argue that pretty soon, doTERRA will be the only essential oil company in the game. 

doTERRA has created a standard known as Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) which ensures that every bottle of oil is 100% pure. They even took it to the next level and created a website called sourcetoyou.com where you can plug in digits found on the bottom of every bottle and get all the information you need about that specific batch of oil. 

Community & Culture

Trickling down from the executive team, there is a deep sense of integrity, sincerity and passion. If you've ever been gifted the opportunity to join in on one of doTERRA's Global Conventions, you have felt this. It is contagious. 

This is essentially the reason doTERRA operates in a Multi-Level Marketing fashion. It simply could not be done another way. 

These oils would not be what they are without the story behind the bottles from millions of leaders who have paved the way in leading their life & legacy through their commitment to health and serving others.